Workers Comp Solutions For Staffing and other Distressed Risks

Account First can write most risks nationwide, including Staffing, through our Integrated Workers` Compensation multiple coordinated and master policy programs.

Account First targets highly distressed risks and can be best cost wise for risks with high xmods, high cost class codes, in state pools. Account First pays you competitive, level commissions.

Under an Integrated Workers` Compensation arrangement, the insured protected by rock solid protection by an “A” rated carrier, safety management support, dedicated HR support, EPLI, and a payroll support specialist.

Most fitting risks for Account First program are those:

  • with high x-mods
  • with higher cost class codes
  • in or header to state assigned risk pools
  • being cancelled or non-renewed
  • in industries undesirable to carriers (staffing, healthcare, towing, trucking, heavy construction)

Account First programs include/are:

  • Low upfront costs
  • Cost effective rates
  • Pay as you go structures
  • Low to high deductibles
  • Administrative services

Submission info needed

  • Detailed ACORD (must have employee counts/ class codes)
  • 4 Years of lossed valyed no more than 90 days from effective date
  • X-Mod Sheet
  • Expiring premiums/ and Target premiums