Account First

High Risk High Mod Alternative Workers Compensation Solutions made Simple

AccountFirst can assist you with securing worker compensation coverage for businesses with High Risk & High Mod experiences. We understand that bad things can happen to good people who own Good Businesses. When high risk workers compensation codes are combined with a high experience modifier, it appears the insured is left with only ONE OPTION – the assigned risk pool. Business owners become overwhelmed with the additional costs and feel they have nowhere else to turn. They look for relief, scale back operations and even consider closing the doors.

Finding the Solution

Over the past decade we have placed a nationwide “footprint” as we continue to bring our cost effective programs to market. The program’s successes have now expanded to all regions of the country. If your company or client has these characteristics and needs:

  • Lion LogoHigh Experience Modifiers – 1.30 to 3.00 and above
  • Excluded workers comp Labor Code(s)
  • Frustration with besticon_A-the Assigned Risk Pool
  • Require A rated paper
  • New Business start-ups, Gaps, Cancelled or Non-Renewed

Our AccountFirst Alternative Programs may be the perfect Solution

Don’t let High Risk High Mod challenges define your business options

If you are interested in an Alternative Workers Compensation Solution, please reach out to us today @ (800) 214-9789. We Make the Complex Simple.